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Galveston police outside our motel

UFO light thingy beside the moon - seriously!

Myriad of greens near Santa Fe

On the road in New Mexico

A hint of whats to come as we near Moab

Arches national park, Moab


Salt lakes in the distance

White Rim area

We actually considered driving the landy onto it!

The Colorado River carves through

The landy under a very big sky

Looking down...

...onto the start of the...

...White Rim Trail

On the trail

Awesome sights

Natural stone bridge

Rabbit rock

Landying along

A wild goat

We camped beside this stunning canyon...

...and waited for the inevitable...

...lightning storm (you can just see a strike)

Colorado River

More canyons than you can shake a stick at

The landy blends with the scenery

Among the columns in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Looking down into Bryce Canyon

An inhabitant of Bryce

A green plain on the other side of the Grand Canyon

The arch with a viewpoint on top, Grand Canyon


The awesome Grand Canyon



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