June 2002

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Fresh orange juice

Fellow landy owner

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Sunday 9 June - Thursday 20 June

Our time at Playa Agua was spent chillin on the beach, eating great food cooked by T's doris in the apartment, playing spanish scrabble and going for the odd 5k run in an effort to get a bit fitter. On top of that we did some work on the landy with varying success, plus saw a lot of the world cup games. We also checked out one of Venezuelas favourite pastimes which is the phenomena of the novela, or soap operas with a bit of a difference. These TV shows are quite unreal with a pitiful standard of 'acting', lots of beautiful women with large heaving chests, plenty of tears, death and not a little infidelity. There are at least 3 different ones on every night plus more in the day and they come mainly from Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. Our favourite is 'Gata Salvaje', which has got well wicked dorises in it.

Senor Frogs disco, Porlamar

Lots of wicked dorises

7 bottles in short order

Back at the apartment, post disco

One saturday night we went to Porlamar to check out the nightlife where we discovered Senor Frogs disco which was pretty good. In fact we had such a good time that we went back there the next week - or maybe it was just because it was the only place we knew in town.

Church at El Valle

Landy gets some exercise

Dolphins race the ferry back

Soon enough it was time to the back to the mainland after a relaxing couple of weeks holiday from our tough travelling lifestyle. We bought the return ferry ticket and camped back in the Laguna de la Restinga National Park, half an hours' drive from the ferry terminal, ideal for the 5:30 start. The otherwise boring journey was made quite memorable by a large number of dolphins who 'buzzed' the ferry for a while, enjoying themselves jumping alongside us for half an hour or more.

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