July 2002

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Party atmosphere in the metro station

Big flag

Thousands of people not to happy about Chavez

Some interesting sights in the crowd...

...as T checks out another view

It all stops here

Thursday 10 July - Tuesday 16 July

Thursday was the 3 month anniversary of the march on the 11th April when some people were shot and the country was thrown into turmoil for a few days. We joined the thousands of normal people who were marching against Chavez as 'international observers' as one guy put it. We did plenty of observing as the photos above show. We're impartial when it comes to politics, especially those of other countries, and we don't know for sure if Chavez is a good or bad president, one person tells us one thing and another the opposite. What is true is that he's not portrayed very fairly in the international media. Venezuela is a great country and life goes on normally, people are shopping, going to work, going out, no worries - our favourite place of the trip so far.

Caracas is full of...

...girls with great bodies...

...who weren't too interested

Pick me!

Lets dance!

More stunningly beautiful girls

Friday night we had high hopes for a wicked night out with proper music for a change, Lazy Dog was playing at a 'secret' Caracas location for a Smirnoff promotion. We set out to the meeting point still a bit groggy from the night before when we had picked up the tickets - they came free with an expensive bottle of vodka. After queuing more than 3 hours for the car park, then to get a wristband, then for a bus to take us to the venue, then outside the venue to get in, we were finally told no more people were getting through the doors. The event was massively oversold and jammed to the rafters, reports were the music was ace but the extended queue party left a lot of pissed off people but T was happy as his oil still got changed.

Sambil shopping centre...

...a haven for dorises


We've been having no luck whatsoever trying to get our missing faceplate from the bastards at Ezcony in Panama. Contacting Sony has been fruitless too. We finally decided to bite the bullet and buy another one the same from Sambil. The thought of the next 3 months in the middle of nowhere with no mini discs and dubious jungle radio helped us cope with the $250 chunk out of our wallets. A trip to the legendary Sambil shopping centre is highly recommended, not only to buy stuff but just to look, not at the shops though!

Our brake master cylinder repair kit finally arrived after 2 weeks of waiting. Unfortunately it didn't fit as it was for a 90 and not a 110. By a stroke of luck the suppliers, London Exim, had the right one in stock all the time so we put that one in. They were also nice enough to refund us the shipping cost we paid for the wrong part. Maybe our luck is improving.

Luis at Fronteras magazine

Gustavo and Francesco from xploracion.com

Fame is once again on its way to the ihana chaps - Fronteras 4x4 magazine will do a 6 page spread in their next issue covering our first years travels and then run a story in each consecutive issue with the latest update of what we're doing as we continue our journey. In addition, 2 guys who have a travel biased web site saw the landy and sent us an email asking if they could do a video and take some pics for their site. Check it out at xploracion.com.


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