July 2002

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Para falls...

...are espectacular


...and weeds

Tuesday 23 July - Wednesday 24 July

After a fairly knackering walk due to our severe lack of fitness, we arrived at the top of a cliff overlooking the roaring Para falls. They were very impressive and well worth the trip. Although the jungle near the trail isn't exactly teeming with jaguars and monkeys there are plenty of butterflies, loads of different ants and other mad insects to see.


butterflies on the beach



A few wasps for variety

We zoomed back downstream to the village pausing for a while to see some river dolphins. We switched off the engine and made tapping and splashing noises to attract them. Within a couple of minutes 5 of them appeared, making lazy circles around the boat. It was impossible to get a decent pic of them but they look similar to sea dolphins with the exception of not having a dorsal fin. Back at the village, Freddys missus fried us some fresh fish, which she had to buy due to her husbands fishing skills. We chatted with the family about the usual stuff and a fair bit with Freddy about his days working in the gold mines which didn't sound much fun but inspired us to try and visit one before we leave Venezuela.

Maximum respect for the landy...

...and tasty a breakfast

Following a good nights sleep and a well wicked breakfast Freddy was squashed into the cab and we drove the 250kms to Ciudad Bolivar.


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