October 2002

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No photos! Sorry ladies, too late.


Wednesday 23 - Friday 25 October

Salvador de Bahia is the capital of Bahia state and reported to be the jewel in the crown, notwithstanding the plentiful warnings of street crime. We checked out the Atlantic coast beaches on the way into the city, ate a quick lunch then spent an aimless couple of hours driving around the confusing streets, before finding a cheap place to stay with the help of a dodgy seeming local who turned out to be very helpful. Evening came so we went to Pelourinho in the old town. The place was pretty quiet, apparently Tuesday and Sundays are the big nights in this area, but we sat at a streetside cafe table for a well deserved beer. Soon we were being hassled by the local piranahs, one big guy in particular a little too insistent with his demands for us to buy him a beer. He got told where to go, which displeased him greatly, much to the amusement of the watching street kids nearby. Not feeling particularly welcome or very safe, the lads chalked the evening down to experience and exited the area.

Streets of Bahia

Colonial architecture

The fort

Thursday was our chance to do the touist bit, so we bussed into the old town and wondered at the characterful colonial architecture and equally impressive girls down the shopping streets.

This old doris...

...wasn't cross

New lift...

...to Cidade Baxia

Thursday night entertainment recommendation was the disco at a shopping centre. The mall was packed with revelers plus a large contingent of sailors with the US navy, a frigate being parked in the harbour, who helpfully informed us of their nationality during a chat - we never would have guessed. There was a group on stage in the club which were very popular with the locals but we called it a night early-ish and set off for Lencois in the morning.

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