Foz do Iguaçu - big trip - diary - brasil - december 2002


The old walkway to the...

...Devils Throat, on the Argentinian side

Hundreds of swifts live beside the falls

The lads getting wet

Tuesday 10 - Wednesday 11 December

Iguaçu falls is divided between Brasil and Argentina. With different experiences available on each side its important to visit both to truly appreciate this fantastic place. As we were camping on the Brasil side we went there first. The entrance is a two minute walk from the campsite, saving us a hefty car park charge, and we were soon on the posh open top tour bus and on our way through the jungle to the wet bit.

First spectacular view from...

...the Brasil side

The only walkway on the Brasil side...

...and well wicked

The walkway took us from one stunning view to the next amid spray dampened jungle full of iguanas, butterflys and big spiderwebs. The water is high at the moment making more spray and the water carries more silt than in the drier months. Having seen pictures taken when its drier we think that how it is now is much more spectacular. The noise is incredible and on the special walkway you get soaked instantly - a great place for a wet t-shirt competition!

The following day we got the landy out and drove to the Argentine border, cruising through the deserted Brasil border post. There was a fair queue of cars, the first time ever at any of the borders we've hit so far, also the first time for processing us while we sat in the landy. With no paperwork needed for the car we were told to go off to one side to have a search of the inside then we could carry on. Unfortunately the first thing the customs inspector said was 'take everything out'...err..'no way Jose'. He wasn't too pleased but we weren't going to take all the stuff out just to go to Iguazu (its spelt with a 'z' in Argentina) and come back the same day. We decided to park up the landy there at the border and get the bus to the town and sort out a lift from there.

After a cheap bus and a not too bad taxi ride, we got to the falls. Here the park seems a bit less looked after in parts but actually has better close up views with walkways all over the place and one particularly impressive one over the Devils Throat, a part which is hidden in mist from the Brasil side.

Some more of the falls from the Brasil side

Seen one like this before!

Its all stunning

Down at river level...

...for the wicked boat trip...

...into the falls

The speedboat trip is cheaper on this side so we went down the path to river level (more amazing views), donned our army ponchos, put the digi camera in a plastic bag and off we went. The driver took us under the falls a few times and it was like being in a dishwasher, impossible to keep our eyes open. Managed to get a couple of pics and the camera had dried out by the morning!

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