Cars of Uruguay - big trip - diary - uruguay - december 2002


Uruguay is full of old cars from the 1920s onwards. Many are still in use and it makes a great place for a car lovers.


Alfa Junior

We passed this old thing...

...full of people

Brasilian registered Ford

Could do the trip in this wicked van

Buick Riviera

They even have Austin Maestros


Plastic bottle on the roof means its for sale


Lotus 7 badly parked

Argentinian replica Maserati

Plenty of...


...of all types

Renault Gordini

Rusty but wicked...

...inside is cool

Studebaker and '57 Chevy Bel Air

Another view of the Colonia restaurant car

Rally Impreza

Ford V8 truck with a Nissan diesel in it

One of many Landrover Series Ones


Down to Punta del Este by MG

Another series 1...

...and another

1931 Ford Model A...

...with eggs on the front seat

An Avenger!


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