El Calafate Off-Road Trail

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Passing an estancia...

...before climbing...

...to the top

Sunday 9 March

The prescence of three or four camel trophy style landies, a couple with fake UK registrations, is enough to kindle the interest of all landy fans. At MIL outdoor adventure we met Maximo, a real landy fan who let us use his internet connection to update this site and invited us to tag along on one of his tourist trips into the hills above the town.

Overlooking El Calafate

Wind carved rocks

Good landying

Showing the tourists the best landy


Landy convoy

The three hour tour is conducted at a slow, steady pace for the comfort of the tourist passengers. Not quite ihana style but we kept an open mind as we climbed out of town following the tracks towards the top of the surrounding hills. The landies climbed up a steep rise in low first, us just making it while the Tdi's flew up comfortably, and we came upon a great cliff-top view over the town and lake. The tourists in the other landies were all curious as to the prescence of the wickedly battered blue example and we handed out many of the new ihana.com cards we had made in Brazil.

The wheel dangling trick


Sombrero rock

More scenery and a particularly steep descent found us at the special tourist-impressing dip where you can get the back wheel of the landy dangling high in the air. Its fun though and we had a go too but didn't get it quite as high as the experts.

After a coffee by the very wicked 'sombrero' rock it was time to head back to town after seeing some surprisingly different scenery, a well worthwhile afternoon trip.


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