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Cerro Rico from the theatre roof

Colonial style

Impromptu street shrine

Monday 28 April

Potosi sits at the bottom of Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) which was once one of the worlds largest sources of silver. Now its not quite the same but more of that on the next page.

Meanwhile Potosi still has plenty of colonial style to offer the tourist and is the first city we've got to since leaving Argentina. Our fears that there are no nice looking girls in Bolivia are still holding true but the locals assure us that things will improve as we head east.

Stalls and...

...shops selling everything

Shaky behind the green door

Potosi rooftops

Getting the Uyuni salt removed by a nutter


Potosi sits at 4070m which makes it the highest city of its size in the world. Over 100,000 people, many of whom flood the central streets in the late afternoon just walking about. Fortunately walking at this altitude is fine for us as we've been well over 3000m for almost two weeks. Down the street of hardware shops we found a new winch handle and also got hold of some plastic tube to improve the window security.

Plenty of churches

Lots of movement each evening



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