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Colours fade out in the Sacred Valley

Kids and llamas at Sillustrani

Family outside their house, Sillustrani

Ruins and...

...magnificent views... Pisac

View down from Pisac

Lake Paron

Closer to the peaks

Peaks close up

Impressive stuff

Just round the corner all is rural tranquility

Wheat fields near...

Inca burial site of Karaji

Huaraz in the distance

On the way up to Punta Olimpica

Canyon del Pato

A three level waterfall in the canyon


...and seals...

...near Ica

Good landying too

Ica, the 'Cathedral'

Condor flies over Colca Canyon in 2000

Titicaca in 2000

Machu Picchu in 2000

Inca trail in 2000

El Misti, Arequipa in 2000

Cabanaconde, Colca Canyon in 2000


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