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here's some of the best quotes we've heard so far

last updated 12-Dec-2002

"Why d'ya give me this beer, you know I don't drink"

- Manny G, Galveston TX, as he downs a pitcher of Bud Light

"When the war comes. If you got a gun and your neighbour's got a can of corn, the next day you got a gun and a can of corn"

- Bryan, Galveston TX

"I never wanted any kids but the bitches kept getting pregnant"

- Manny G as he recounts tales of his previous 4 marriages

"Hay drogas, chicas, pistoles?"

- Most Mexican soldiers during inspections - as if we'd tell them if we had any!

"Those roads are only 18 feet wide and theres no shoulder"

- Dumb American, Grand Canyon, as he tells us how dangerous Mexican roads are

"When those latin honeys see your white skin, they'll cling to you like a baby monkey clings to its mama"

- Chevy Dealer, TX, telling us about Venezuela

"How do you turn the syphon off?"

- Tom

"Its good to go"

- Galveston US Customs release the landy

"You got it dawg, y'all living the american dream"

- Jason, Galveston TX, giving maximum respect to the wicked travellers

"Shit, that plane's low"

- Tom, Mexico City, while watching a plane coming in to land

"Thats a real neat rig you guys have got"

- Lots of dumb americans, USA

"Eye-hay-na daat caam (ihana.com with heavy US accent), what is that?"

- Lots of dumb americans, USA

"I wanna log on to my internet"

- Dumb american shouting out as he walks into an internet cafe in Mazatlan, Mexico

"Have you got a spare brake master cylinder?"

- Ali(phant), Placencia, Belize, his landy swerving under braking due to two almost flat tyres

"Half sun...three quarters sun...full sun!"

- Pompous English director of Discovery Channel film at Tikal, Guatemala as the sun came out from behind a cloud

"If I drive forward another metre, its going to tip over"

- Ali(phant), Peten, Guatemala, at 5 degrees to the horizontal whilst being guided down a rutted track

"I've got a strange flashing light on my dashboard"

- Ali(phant), Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, as he drives along with his hazard warning lights on

"Estoy muy enojada..."

- Awesome El Salvadorean model doris on the phone after being stood up for the second time by the wicked travellers

"Si, hay bastante Ponces en Honduras"

- Taxi driver, Tegucigalpa, Honduras talking about the failed presidential candidates surname.

"You wanna fire AKs? - lets go now"

- Nick the ex FSLN sniper, Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua, inviting the wicked travellers to broaden their experiences

"I've had some trouble wid di police, but I ain't never killed no-one and dats di main ting, mon"

- Johnson, Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

"Its a bunch of windy ass shit"

- Marty Mar (of travelswithrover.com), talking about Costa Rican roads

"I'll do something about it when we get to wherever we're going"

- Barry, talking about his painful ankle

"Dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desires"

- Patricia, Babar disco, Cartagena, Colombia

"I've never had my wife in that position before"

- Robert Lake, Baranquilla, Colombia

"Yo no voy a salir con esas mujeres"

- Magaly, Isla Margarita, Venezuela, incredulously refusing an offer of a night out with some minging hoes

"Not much impresses us but you guys have"

- Slightly drunk guys of 'Team Expedition', in the middle of Gran Sabana, Venezuela

"Don't be talking back, mon, we'll get you trew"

- Dennis the Toyota driver dismissing our wish to turn back, Lethem to Linden trail, Guyana

"two weeks in prison was ok, all my friends were there"

- Elvis, Paramaribo, Suriname

"You're not allowed to look at other girls, but you have to kiss my friend too 'cos shes jealous"

- Katja, Oiapoque, Brazil, explaining Brazilian etiquette to B

"Transar e lo melhor coisa en el mundo"

- Elany, Oiapoque, Brazil, after a night with a wicked traveller

"Brazilian girls aren't like prostitutes, we like to talk and kiss first"

- Brazilian doris, Fortaleza, Brazil