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Top of snorkel and view of breather tube

Breather tube runs inside roof rack support...

...and enters engine bay through the vent

The snorkel is a standard Land Rover item and is made of steel tube (resists smashing into trees in the jungle better than plastic) connected by rubber hoses and jubilee clips. At the top is a hat thing which stops rain going in and is also supposed to swirl out the bigger bits of ming that the landy sucks in. Although having a snorkel means we can go into very deep water this would make us and all our stuff pretty wet so the main benefit of the snorkel is to reduce the amount of dust going into the air filter, a task which it performs admirably.

Alongside the snorkel runs a tube which extends the axle and gearbox breathers from the engine bay so that they don't get full of water when we get stuck in a river.

The snorkel got painted in Mexico with a barbers pole design and we stuck some glow in the dark stars on the top too.