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Underbody protection

Steering and front diff guards...

...from behind

Gearbox cross member affords useful protection

Rear diff guard

Fuel tank guard

The landy has a full set of protection plates underneath which have proved to be essential when off roading. The Southdown steering and differential guards are made of stainless steel while the Safety Devices fuel tank guard is thick aluminium. The fuel tank guard has just a few light scratches on it so far, the steering guard is a little bashed as is the front diff guard but the rear diff guard has had a hard life and taken plenty of knocks.

When we got stuck in the river in Mexico the landy was driven hard over two boulders, the front guards allowing us to ride over the first one before the rear diff got jammed on the second. The landy came to rest with the back of the front diff guard and the gearbox crossmember on one rock and the rear diff guard resting on the other. Without the protection something likely would have broken. Driving on deeply rutted tracks allows us to use momentum to slide through mud holes on the protection plates without fear of damage.