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who put that there?

Aug 27th 2001

After stopping for evening meal near the road in the desert, Barry got spiked (twice) in the foot whilst stumbling about in the desert in the dark. Later, when it was time to move the landy to a more secluded camp spot away from the road, the chance for revenge on the cacti was there. As B reversed there was a dull thud and the landy came to a sudden stop!

Minimal damage as impact speed was <5kph - the spare tyre got spiked plus the back door was squashed in about 2cms. A quick winching session pulled the door a bit straighter but the cooker and one of the security mesh points need re-fixing. The cactus tree was last seen smirking as we drove away.

revolutionary door design

a spot of hammering and good as new (ish).


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