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When the Landy reverses...

...american trucks should Dodge...

...otherwise they get Rammed

September 17 2001

Arriving in Culican, we spied a nice car park. Stopping in the middle of the road, T started to reverse after checking only the drivers side mirror, there was a crunch and a hapless doctors Dodge Ram got rammed. Due to our transient nature and no doubt our shady characters, he called the police to make sure everything was above board with my insurance policy I'd bought near Tijuana.

Fortunately, the good doctor Alfredo Castro Cortez was in good humour about the whole thing. Unfortunately, the police wanted us all to go to the station where they were going to impound the landy until all was paid for! I made a written statement in spanish with the help of the doctors kids and then we set off to the cop shop. Half the police station seemed to be present and their was much piss taking but things went fine, my insurance guy arrived and said that they'd pay for everything without any excess. Then the police said I'd have to pay a fine of $50 for being a bad boy the following day or I'd not get my licence back.

The accused with the innocent

I never saw him!

Getting help writing spanish

One step from prison

The ticket


On the way back into town from the police, we were overtaken by a couple of guys who stopped us for a chat. One had an uncle who owned a big car workshop and would help find a spare bush for the rear shock absorber. This turned out well as the uncle had a friend at the police station. Dispatching one of his mechanicos with my ticket, the fine got reduced to $23 and I got my licence back!

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