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A 12 metre skid mark

Oh dear

Mum, I've got a landy up my arse

May 08 2002

T was zooming along the dual carriageway skirting the lake at Maracaibo, looking out of the wrong window, when a red traffic light and stationary Ford Fiesta taxi appeared in front of the landy. B shouted a warning but it was too late and 12 metres of skidding on the greasy road surface were just enough to bring the landy to a halt embedded in the back door of the new Ford. On impact the rear window of the Fiesta shattered and flew all over the landy windscreen and bonnet which was a wicked sight. Fortunately nobody was hurt, they were just a little shocked.

A crowd of good natured hecklers surrounds T

He reversed into me, honest guv

Hope we can do business again sometime

The taxi driver got on the phone to his brother who owned the car while the passengers just disappeared. A crowd soon gathered around and started asking us the usual questions about the trip. Passing motorists offered their witty remarks too. The sun was blazing hot and many a police car cruised by showing no interest at all. We deliberated for almost 3 hours, B went off with one of them to see how much Fiesta doors cost, T admired the occasional doris going into the nearby cultural centre. The door and bumper were going to cost about $800, never mind the rear wing and all the labour. We negotiated a payment of $700. A policeman eventually stopped and wrote a report so the owner of the car could claim on his insurance. The taxi driver was unlucky as he didn't have his licence on him and got a $60 fine for his troubles. T got away scot free except for the serious blow to his bank balance. The landy has a bit of a bend in the front bumper and some Ford paint on the A bar.

The driver and his brother were both very friendly and once the initial shock wore off they saw the funny side and said that they wished we could have met under more normal circumstances!


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