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July 28 2002

Whilst offroading in Canaima we snapped a driveshaft. When we eventually got out of the jungle some days later we had the good luck to meet the local Captain of the National Guard, proud owner of two Rangys. He got his mechanic on the job to check exactly what had broken, lucky for us as we couldn't have got the shaft out by ourselves, it was completely jammed. With the help of a metal plate welded to the end and some serious hammering and jacking the shaft came out and the extent of the damage was clear.

Welding a plate to the end of the shaft

All hands to the pump... get this out

Some serious forces broke this

The Captain made a few phone calls to his contact in the capital, who said he had a full Defender transmission, so a car was dispatched on the 10 hour drive to Caracas to pick up the part whilst the lads went to Canaima and the Angel Falls the easy way. After we got back the driveshaft duly arrived, but it was not for a Defender so we have to wait here a bit longer whilst we try a find one.

Ear to ear

No diff either...

...but luckily no damage

After a fruitless wait we put the landy back together ourselves and set off for Puerto Ordaz where we ordered a replacement from Dunsfold who kindly let us have it for free.

August 24 2002

CV joint in good health

New halfshaft connected up

Floppy shaft

When it eventually arrived, fitting it was straightforward and we took the opportunity to re-grease the wheel bearings which were smelling a bit cooked. Four wheel drive never felt so good, no more clunking about.


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