July 2001

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The Landy outside my (not any more) flat in Basel

21st July 2001

The last few weeks have been full of stress, hence the late writing of this, the first of many crap diary entries!

Jacking the Landy to change the wheels

The new tyres and ihana.com stickers

The nightmare that was the roll bar!

First we took the Landy to England to collect and fit the new set of Michelin XZLs and sort out a roll over bar from Safety Devices. Thanks again to Darrin (Yak), who sorted out the wheels and tyres and even painted them a nice black for us. We fitted the cool looking new army spec Wolf wheels to discover that they're a bit thicker than the old wheels and the nuts don't quite screw down over 100% of the thread on the studs. We'll have to keep an eye on them, should be ok though....it has to be!

Driving to Safety Devices, we collected an internal roll over bar and load mesh which was still almost warm as they'd messed up the order and it had to be made in a matter of days. We weren't allowed to fit it on their site so found a friendly ATC tyre place in Newmarket where we dropped off the old wheels and tyres so we could salvage the best tyre for an emergency spare and they let us use their car park for fitting the roll bar. I emptied all of the boxes and stuff from the landy to get access while Barry cut all the protective packaging off. Offering up the roll bar we noticed a big problem, the radiators inside the load bay were in the exact location of the main supports.....bollox.....to say we were disappointed would be a severe understatement! Fortunately Safety Devices took it back in good grace and my credit card was 600 quid better off.

We managed to get hold of a Landrover dog guard which we fitted quickly prior to taking the Landy to the shippers at Ipswich. Making the dog guard more secure from thieves is the next thing to do when we arrive in the US.

Barry, heavily influenced by Dr. Dre's new album, indicates his approval

Fortunately the shipping part went well and the Landy is almost in Houston as I write this. The roof tent had to be taken off and strapped to the bonnet so it would drive into the container but that was expected anyway. The remaining time has been spent driving back across Europe to Munich and Basel, moving furniture back to storage in England, saying goodbye to friends and family and sampling the 'summer' of England. Can't say I'll miss it... We're in Houston tomorrow!


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