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Wilson arch


Wed 08 - 11 August

After leaving the campsite in the Indian reservation, we headed north to avoid the touristy south side of the Grand Canyon. We noticed on the map that Moab was on the way and with it being legendary for mountain biking and off roading, we had to check it out. We rolled into town via the circus and ran into some landy trainspotters who were very impressed with our landy and pointed us in the right direction for off road recklessness.

Geoff, Tom, Don, Jim and Kyle talk splines

The guys awesome D90s

We were keen to put the landy through its paces off road and hone our driving skills for South America. The landy guys video from their previous days driving really whet our appetites, so we headed off to Arches National Park.

Lots of arches

Wicked off roading

Strange rocks in this park

After a hard and hot days trekking and offroading, we cooked ourselves dinner in the middle of the park and were entertained by a fantastic lightning storm. Feeling the need for beers, we headed back into pumping Moab before returning to the wilds to spend another night on the roof of the landy, contemplating our continued lack of oil changes. The next day was hot and sunny, as usual, so we headed deep into the Canyonlands Nation Park to admire the views from Dead Horse Point and the Islands in the Sky area. From here we headed down into the canyon and started on the 2 day off road White Rim Trail.

White Rim Trail landying

Click to see two wicked travellers

Stunning views on White Rim Trail

Moab has been the highlight of the trip so far and will no doubt remain one of the high points of the whole trip - highly recommended for anyone who loves offroading, photography, biking, hiking, geology or meteorology... but for kicking parties try somewhere else! Next stop is Bryce Canyon.

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