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Tue 14 August

The Grand Canyon was as awesome as expected. Different to Bryce, more massive by far. Its 10 miles wide, a mile deep and 280 miles long. We visited the North Rim which is forested as opposed to the 90% more popular South Rim with its desert conditions. During the previous night in the forest, the eerie wailing of coyotes had woken us, and come the morning, with a large herd of deer very close to the landy but one move to get the camera sent them running.

A rainbow sprouts from a lorry 50 miles before Grand Canyon

A cool car!

Before the bungee of a lifetime

The Grand Canyon Rim is at 8000 feet altitude so the weather can be a bit unpredictable. As we left the landy was hammered by massive hailstones.

Reminders of the May 2000 fire are still around

In the hailstorm; landying on while the yanks fall by the wayside

Its soon left behind though...

After the Grand Canyon it was a short drive in the warm light of the sunset to Zion Canyon which is different, again, from the other ones. The rocks are made from Navajo sandstone and have criss cross patterns in them. The canyon is much smoother and flowing in apperance with little loose stone. The road drives straight through the middle. When we arrived, the light was fading rapidly so the pics have suffered a bit.

on the way to Zion

Next stop, St.George to service the landy and update the web site before we hit Las Vegas.


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