January 2002

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Towing a bus...

...is no problem for a landy...

...lorries too

Wednesday 16 January

The first night in Honduras was spent behind a petrol station outside Santa Rosa de Copan, a pleasant enough town but nothing exciting. The following day we headed for Copan via a small road which looked like an interesting 'short cut' on the map. The first slight incline of the muddy road had a bus stuck slap bang in the middle of it. We offered to help and once their tow rope was fixed to the back of the landy we easily pulled the bus up the hill in first low while toyota pick ups scrabbled past us. After profuse thanks from the driver and passengers we continued on our way. As usual the map was wrong and there was only a horse track so we had to turn back in the tiny village of San Antonio de Flores.

The Sierra Gallinero

Asking directions in San Antonio...

...brings out the locals

On the way back we came across a lorry which couldn't make it up the same hill either, so we gave him a tow too. Returning to the main road we made Copan in the late afternoon and sneaked into the grounds through an open gate and hid the landy in the jungle which surrounds the ruins.

Landy in San Antonio

Near Copan

We had bought some new headlight bulbs in El Salvador which are 90/100W as opposed to the pathetic 45/55W bulbs the landy had. Trouble is you can't just put them in and expect them to work, well, not for very long. The lights became dimmer than ever despite a bright start and the wipers seemed to rewire themselves to work in unison. We needed to visit a car parts shop and get a couple of relays and make do with driving on sidelights in town and full beam outside.

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