Perito Moreno National Park - big trip - diary - argentina - february 2003

Ready to climb Lion Hill

Gale force 'lots' at the top...

...but another Andean peak sorted

Tuesday 25 February

After a much colder night than before we woke to sun and a bitingly cold wind tearing over the lake. Anxious to not make the same mistake as yesterday and go hiking without breakfast, we knocked up some spuds and eggs and set off ready to face what may.

Taking the landy the 30kms or so to the other end of the park, El Rincon, we met one of the park rangers and, after a quick chat, drove the last bit to the foot of the easy looking Cerro Leon. Starting off was quite easy and after two hours plodding we got to the very last 50 metres which was exposed to the howling gale force wind that almost made it impossible to walk, never mind hold the camera still. The view from the top though is really fantastic.

View from near the top of Cerro Leon (415k click)

Coming back down the mountain we drove a little further along the track to Lago Volcan where we cooked some pasta and checked out the view.

More stunning scenery

Lago Belgrano

Landying about in rivers

Still feeling in an exploration mood, we headed off to the northern corner of the park. The track leads out of the park onto private land and eventually to a river which has to be driven through to get to the other side. Not much further on is the end of the driveable track and its footwork only. Without motivation to do any more walking, we returned to the campsite which was much colder than El Rincon as the wind is channeled through the mountains and over the icy lake. After another meal and time spent sorting out the 140 pictures we took today, it was time to sleep.




Throughout our stay here we haven't seen any other tourist although the rangers assure us that they do come. Nor have we seen any pumas which are around these parts. They eat the guanacos but not the cows as they fight back a bit harder. Theres plenty of rabbits, condors and other birds to be seen too.


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