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Gran Sabana - In Santa Elena for a long wait
Gran Sabana - Santa Elena, El Absimo and punctures
Gran Sabana - Kama Falls and Roraima
Gran Sabana - Aponwao and lots of other waterfalls
Paragua, Puerto Ordaz and the start of Gran Sabana
Angel Falls and flying back
Spectacular river trip to Angel Falls
Meeting El Capitan, landy repairs and flying to Canaima
Stuck in the jungle but help arrives
More mud and disaster strikes
Paragua, the jungle trail to Candelaria
Ciudad Bolivar, and south
Para Falls and butterflies
Rio Caura, meeting some Indians and a jungle trek
Los Llanos and a ferry across the Orinoco river
Marching in Caracas, dorises, publicity
Back in wet Caracas, new tyres for the landy and a visit to the transport museum
Cueva Guacharo, blind birds and other animals
more Margarita
Margarita Island
Caracas and the northeast Coast
Eagle Pass, Valencia and Caracas
Los Nevados Festival in the Andes
South to the Andes
Maracaibo, Paragua Peninsula and Falcon


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