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Mr Martin Smith, originally from County Cavern, lashed over for a month to Boonas Aires for the time of his life in latino-land. It was great to see the lad in action and he kept us well entertained on our many nocturnal forays into the Boonas scene. The trip was a bit of an eye opener, especially the girls but not least being chased out of La Boca (the area where the famous football team reside) by knife wielding street guys, forcing him to "run like a stallion" for his life. He thought this could be due to his provoking trouble by wearing a baseball cap with a 'B' on it.

Lads also did a trip to the incredible Iguazu waterfalls, visited Ushuaia at the end of the world, plus a week on the beach at Punta del Este, Uruguay. Running into a Canadian roughneck (oil rig worker) at the airport set the tone for a full on session which almost did for him.

Although it may appear from lads' attire that most of these pictures were taken on the same evening, he was here for a whole month but thought 3 shirts would be enough. Luckily there was a laundry right opposite the flat we rented, staffed by an attractive Argentinean doris. Despite her gammy leg, lads still fancied taking her away from her cruel life working 12 hours a day in a laundry and back to Germany with him...but she wasn't the only one!

Lads cruises into Boonas, Jan 2003


Lads' welcoming party


Oh man, Its an incredible scene lads


Is that a little leprechaun?

Fancy a bit of slap n tickle?

Man, that's incredible

Lads get some...

...beers in and...

...gets into the swing of things

Is this lad Irish or what?

Shakin that ass

Bus driver!

Wagon Wheel

Spuds are fluffy in Ireland

Lads, I don't understand a word they say!

A little lower down, dear

On the pull

I'm going to offer her money to marry me

Tums up for the Boonas dorises

Lads favourite laundry

Its all too much for an average Irish lad abroad


Buying socks off Mr. Van der Werf


A taste of a different style of life for lads caused him to give up his impending contract back in Munich and think about how much bigger his tackle would look if he shaved his scrotum. Nearly two months after his visit, lads is suffering from a swollen liver (surprisingly alcohol induced), an itchy scrote and rapidly dwindling cash reserves as he tries to put his taste of heaven behind him and become German once again.


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