Vehicle Equipment - big trip - preparation - vehicle equipment

Fitted to the outside of the Landy

end of trip rating
Brownchurch roofrack the dogs bollox of roofracks,  with bulkhead bracing indispensable
Eezi-Awn roof tent the wickedest one around, made in South Africa indispensable - but has some slight design faults as do all the roof tents we've seen
raised air intake so we can drive in rivers up to our eyeballs, also reduces dust going into the engine by sucking in cleaner air indispensable
rear wheel carrier takes the weight off the back door hinges - well made with greaseable pivots indispensable
underbody protection Southdown steel steering, front and rear diff guards and a Safety Devices alloy fuel tank guard indispensable - saved many a smashed diff - fuel tank guard never got hit though
A bar not a drinks bar but a big bar thing to protect the radiator in the inevitable event of bashing into things good - saved some damage when hitting things
light guards these are double hard bastards and should protect the headlights against everything indispensable - saved the lights many times
high-lift jack 48inch on the roof indispensable - used and abused - tendency to stick and seize though
waffles tasty sand and bridging ladders made of fibreglass indispensable - but heavy when muddy and wear away very quickly - would have been in serious trouble without them
spotlights two 100W incinerators on the roofrack to light the way forward ok - although the also light the bonnet and ruin your night vision - need to have small lights on roof mounted far back
worklamp on the back, for reversing, searching out campsites or blinding drivers behind good - used a fair bit
twin air horns get out of the way! - died after filling with ming, replaced with toyota horns! died quickly but some kind of horn always absolutely indispensable
soundproofing fitted in the footwells, under seats, bonnet underside and anywhere noise comes out indispensable - but better systems evolved since the trip
heat shielding underneath around gearbox, transfer box and exhaust plus a bit in the engine bay good - better if fitted in the right places!
security for rear door rear window of welded steel, steel mesh over windows and padlock hasp on the door indispensable - window replaced with welded steel sheet in nicaragua - rear of landy never broken into

Fitted to the inside of the Landy

load guard Steel mesh load guard makes the rear of the Landy totally secure, reinforced in Nicaragua indispensable - a secure rear end is very important ;OP
2nd battery and split charge system necessary to run the stereo from so we don't flatten the main battery after an all night beach party! indispensable - but a better battery would have been good, was replaced twice
240V inverter connected to 2nd battery for powering all sorts of stuff indispensable - fantastic bit of kit, even came back to life after jungle river crossings in Venezuela
battery cut out switch makes working on the electrics a lot easier, has other advantages too indispensable
flourescent interior light connected to 2nd battery - well bright and uses minimal power indispensable
Coleman twin burner stove mounted on rear door - runs on unleaded petrol carried in a 10 litre jerry can, washing up brush sits on the lid good but the pump is literally a pain - body tends to rust away too - died after 18 months
2*fire extingisher and blanket in case the stove decides to have a fit never used - fortunately
1000W stereo Mini Disc important kit! a 600W amp powering 6 speakers and a 480W amp sorts out the subwoofer and the full range bass tube ok - we should have taken normal cds and a changer, went through 3 head units - all killed by dust
curtains made by T's doris, stops sun and thieves peering into the side windows indispensable
steel cubby box wicked steel box - keeps scallys thieving mitts off our stereo! indispensable - kept theives at bay twice
steel safe hidden away for passports and super secret agent type stuff ok but we never really used it due to its madly inaccessable position

Bashing about inside the Landy

big piece of plywood strapped down over the boxes to keep everything in place ok - bits of wood not very exciting - was reduced to a minimum size after a while
Brano 1.6 ton hand winch and 20m cable indispensible for when we get stuck indispensable, true, but a pain to use - saving a bit more and buying an electric or hydraulic winch would have made trip life massively better
3 metal ground stakes for killing vampires indispensable the one time we needed them
Griptrax flexible sand ladders a pair of these with the waffles make a tasty meal when stuck in the mud pants - weigh a ton and only used twice - waffles would have been equally effective
12 Rako boxes wicked stackable boxes for putting our crap into (see below) indispensable - turned out to be dust proof despite lack of rubber seals
4 20 litre jerry cans in the side lockers indispensable
4 20 litre water cans in the landy behind the bulkhead. black ex army ones. indispensable
syphon tube for getting the water out of the jerrys indispensable
solar panel for charging the 2nd battery while we chill on the beach pants - dunno if it ever worked, then it smashed - a real big proper one is the only way to go
padlock and chain so the solar panel isn't nicked while we're on the beach  
2 MSR waterbags 6l for jerry can drinking water indispensable - brilliant bits of kit
1 MSR waterbag 10l for any old tap water - used to shower, wash up indispensable - as above
2 medical kits for the inevitable injuries caused by working on the landy indispensable, obviously - luckily not many of the things were used
flag giant st. georges cross, well wicked just wicked
12V rechargeable torch for investigating those strange jungle noises at night indispensable - although the charge connecter broke
tyre levers to take the tyres off the rims (combined with great deal of effort) never used, fortunately
plastic bucket useful to keep fresh vegetables in until they turn to stinking liquid handy for throwing crap in then forgetting about it
dustpan and brush (without the dustpan) for sweeping the desert out from the landy ok - too lazy to use it very often
boiler suit in stylish orange, north sea oil rig stylee indispensable if you want to preserve your clothes
rain ponchos conveniently behind the front seats good in the rain
2 machetes 1 long one and 1 huge long one, for chopping stuff up great - used regularly
3 rucksacks 1 for Bs stuff, one for Ts stuff and one with climbing stuff in it climbing stuff never used until Peru!
laptop computer for doing this stuff on indispensable, obviously
2 overnight bags one each for everyday clothes indispensable - stored just behind the rear door for quick access
spade for digging stuff up and burying poo indispensable - for the poo and getting unstuck
2 foldy camp chairs poor quality but still working with the help of some string indispensable
tarpaulin well useful - procured by Marty Mar in Costa Rica indispensable for the mechanic
cordless rechargeable drill

for making holes

great for making holes with
puncture kit in case of punctures never used, puncture repair blokes are everywhere and they actually know what they're doing
spanner roll

with spanners in

fishing tackle box

with tools in (see below)

socket set

with sockets in. small rachet breaks easily

landy service book

for looking at when something won't go back together

Haynes manual

essential nighttime reading

useful at first but then the workshop manual was used
small cool box

keeps stuff cool

windscreen sun shield

stops the cab feeling like an oven and stops people looking in too

good - bought a newer one somewhere on the trip

Fishing tackle box
zip ties small and medium size, well useful
screwdrivers various sizes, philips and flat head
long nose pliers  
normal pliers  
wire stripping tool  
wire snips  
nuts, bolts, washers, fuses, wire, connectors, split pins, clips etc always run out of these bits!
araldite for glueing stuff
flat file for filing the glue off
circuit testing screwdriver broken!
electrical tape for hiding the bodges
vaseline for battery terminals, honest.
feeler guages for feeling things
allen keys Alans lost his










In the Rako boxes...

Tools box
huge adjustable spanner for doing the valve clearances and general bashing of things
soldering iron plus solder just about works with the inverter
rivet gun and rivets get the best quality one you can find
more screwdrivers  
wheel brace plus locking nut attachment wheel brace snapped in Argentina, socket set provides answer
circlip pliers  
junior hacksaw  
round file  
pipe wrench helps remove shock absorbers
oil filter remover  
thread lock to stop the chassis bolts and other stuff rattling loose
copper slip grease essential
bits of metal/wood, brackets, bushes etc useful for mending all sorts of stuff
zip ties bigger ones, well useful
knife sharpening file  
spray paint red, white, blue, black - used up painting the flag on the back
lacquer for all the stickers
spare padlocks  
silicon gasket  
masking tape  
bonnet lock not got around to fitting it yet
box spanner to get the wheel bearing lock nuts off
gaffer tape  
















Spares box 1
oil filter 2 only one needed, plenty available in garages
fuel filter 2 all used but plenty available
clutch master cylinder complete 1 not needed
clutch master cylinder seal repair kit 1 not needed
clutch slave cylinder complete 1 not needed
clutch slave cylinder seal repair kit 1 not needed
rear brake cylinder repair kit 2 not needed
propshaft universal joint 2 not needed
fuel lift pump 1 not needed
stop solenoid 1 not needed
oil pressure switch 1 not needed
speedo cable 1 broke and replaced in Chile
hub oil seals 3 sets all used and had to get 6 more sets
hub plastic cap 2 both needed
hub bearing lock washers 4 all used and had to get lots more
wheel bearing set 2 all used and had to get two more
hub gaskets 4 all used, old ones reused lots with no probs
fan belt 2 both snapped, but crap quality, better ones sourced and didn't snap
spare bulbs 8 not needed, only headlight bulbs needed
set front brake disc pads 1 all used and two more sets too
radiator cap 1, old one used as spare 1, old one used as spare, not needed
fuel cap 1, old one used as spare 1, old one used as spare, not needed
high lift jack maintenance kit 1 1, not needed
old man emu shock bushes 1 vehicle set 1 vehicle set, all used on rear lowers
tin of celeste blue paint 1, left over from spray job in Mexico 1, left over from spray job in Mexico

Spares box 2
engine, gearbox and axle oils 10-40 or 50, Dextron 3 ATF, EP 90
grease big pot
distilled water for battery top ups
DOT 4 brake fluid very hard to find in Mexico and Central America
exhaust bandage  
red and blue gasket seal tube of each
hose repair bandage  
silicon grease spray can
light stick found in the landy after the army had finished with it
brake bleeding kit homemade using a plastic bottle and a bit of tube
engine degreaser spray can

Spares box 3
5 spare inner tubes from the old army tyres left in England, all used at some point
set rear brake shoes 1, used and two more sets too
injectors 2, acquired after the injector broke in Baja, Mexico, not needed afterwards
rear radius arm bush 2, used in Argentina
spare mirror arm 1, not needed
velcro 5m of use found so far
head gasket used when took off the head during timing belt probs in Guyana






Kitchen box 1
tea bags in plastic air tight box more tea, vicar?
MSR pan set 2 pans, lid and handle in stainless steel
cutlery and cups going rusty inside the pans
plastic army dishes and cups used for breakfast cereal
steel plates  
mini plastic chopping board  
super sharp chopping knife sharp rusty blade, up to date with your tetanus?
Swarfega and washing up liquid  
leatherman multitool usually only called on for opening cans of corn







Kitchen box 2
olive oil of the extra virginal variety
salt 'n pepper salt 'n peppers here!
spices, garlic  
dried chillies in an air tight box
plastic air tight box full of pasta
coffee original jar of minging coffee filled with wicked local coffee
rice in air tight jar





Kitchen box 3


Kitchen box 4


Old Recovery box
recovery rope for towing broken down cars with tasty birds in
lump hammer for hitting the stakes into vampires
axe for chopping stuff up
12V air compressor easy way to pump up the tyres
surf board stuff repair things and wax
spare sound insulation

not got around to fitting all of it

2 ton jack for jacking off. 6" travel
foot pump in case the compressor goes on strike
various rachet load straps well useful
B's climbing stuff well unused
2 spare OME shocks cuz they leak, the two old ones from Panama
2 warning triangles not needed as everyone uses tree branches instead
spare headlight accidentally procured in Belize
jerry can extension nozzle never used as landy has one built in
solar shower never used











New Recovery box

(easier to access when axle deep in a river)

2 webbing tree strops to protect trees when winching off them or as tow rope too
shackles loads of various sizes for connecting stuff
swing away snatch block odd sounding device, looks like a pulley
gloves essential hand protection kit during landy extractions









Camping box
2 man tent super light Ultra Quasar tent for trekking
2 karrimats  
barbecue grill not used it yet
MSR multi fuel stove well wicked, runs on everything
MSR water pump also wicked, purifies water from rivers and muddy puddles
water bottles not used them yet either
thermos flask for tea, like
repair kit for tent pole sleeve to fix broken pole in Costa Rica and nylon patch
2 mosquito nets for mozzie fishing
hose pipe and funnel for filling up the water jerrys in situ












Library box

books, like. Various guide books, manuals, dictonaries, maps, novels and a London A to Z (which has been well handy).









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