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The ihana big trip website was the first ever real trip website of its kind - groundbreaking in its layout and the vast amount of information and photographs. Many have taken ideas or inspiration from it and we hope this will continue so that everybody can see that the world is a great place and that our fellow human is no different from ourselves.

We are more than happy to have featured in the press. All that we ask is that you ask us first, tell us what is going into the article and which photos and then let us have a copy of the journal too.

Total Off Road, November 2005


Web User


So far we have appeared in Planet 4x4, Total Off Road, WebUser and Metro magazines in the UK in an article about travelogs, some small pieces in various Landrover magazines and even Scarborough local paper. Various publications have used photos too, with permission of course.

We were also on TV news in Colombia. Other people we've met during the trip swear they saw us on Fox sports and in various other magazines...mmm...



We have no sponsors who give us any financial assistance whatsoever (unfortunately!).


Website traffic has become more popular than we ever imagined. We receive emails from hundreds of people we've never met telling us how much they love the site which is great for us.

In a typical month we receive well over 450,000 hits (high of 649,000 so far) from 20,000+ distinct hosts and our mailing list has over 220 people on it.


The next trip

The next trip will be a bigger venture around the world in about 2006 but using a very different vehicle. Not because the landy isn't good enough but because by using a vehicle that nobody has used before and doing the trip in a way that hasn't been done before we may be able to attract sponsorship.

Check out this post trip page for an insight.



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