Landy Stuck - big trip - landy stuck - haynes quest


The diff languishes in the mud... does the fuel tank guard... time for a spot of digging

December 06 2001

After lending Fridge our Haynes manual for half an hour to check yet another of his mechanical problems, he managed to lose it. As he promised faithfully it wasn't in his landy we decided to eliminate the possibility that it was left at the previous nights campsite. We went there to check and promptly sunk into a mudhole made worse by the heavy overnight, sleeping bag soaking, rain.

The landy was sunk in up to the rear diff, the fuel tank guard also resting on the mud with only just enough room to insert the jack. 20 minutes digging got the griptrax and some handy cement sacks under the wheels and we had effected our first ever non-winch aided recovery.

The Haynes manual wasn't there but we managed to get it back later.

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