Landy Stuck - big trip - landy stuck - Mog attack



Unimog uses the landy to lean on...

...before realising he needs to pull us out first

Thursday 24 January 2002

On the way to Sico in northwestern Honduras, the road got smoother but smaller, with a fair few river crossings. Further on there were occasional mud holes, one of which we got stuck in. There were three choices of route through it, two obviously passable and one bad looking one in the middle - guess which one we chose! Fortunatley we'd recently overtaken a Unimog so we waited for him to come and pull us out. The driver wasn't too clued up and said he'd pull us out forwards. As he tried to drive past the listing landy he tore off his wing mirror on our roofrack. Luckily the landy got off lightly with just the roofrack moving neatly forward an inch whilst receiving a new adornment of red paint from the Mog bodywork. He seemed a tad upset but it was his own fault, and he pulled us out with the mimimum of effort and we were on our way again.

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