Landy Stuck - big trip - landy stuck - lencois de maranhenses


Sand trap

Saturday 05 October 2002

Hacking around the sandy dune tracks of Lencois de Maranhenses, B didn't have enough revs to get through a section of deep sand and we lost traction. Luckily a car full of guys pulled up behind us before we had to do any digging in the roasting heat and a quick bit of pushing got the landy rolling again. This was the only other vehicle we saw until hours later so it was a good job B learnt his lesson and didn't get stuck again all day, despite a few close calls where T had to quickly leap out and push a bit. Driving on the dunes needs low box and diff lock on, the gearbox chucking out tons more heat than normal because the sand puts loads of extra pressure on the transmission and the slow going doesn't help cooling air flow much.

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