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Thursday 30 - Friday 31 August

Leaving Guerrero Negro and heading for Malarrimo Beach, we had to negotiate the hugely expansive salt flats and evaporation ponds of the local salt company, the biggest in the world. Here disaster struck as we drove along a narrow road enclosed on both sides by sea water. We drove partly off the track into the sea and immediately got stuck. See here for the full horror story.

San Ignacio oasis... mission..

...B giving out some foreign coins

Once free it was dark so we just camped in the desert, blissfully away from the flies. Come the morning we used a handy giant cactus to repair some of the rear door damage inflicted by B a few days before. We headed yet again for the gulf coast, crossing the desert via San Ignacio, site of a catholic mission.

On the way to Santa Rosalia

Our camp on the beach at Santa Rosalia


Windscreen is dirty but the water is clean

B feeds the fish

Sandbar beach

Santa Rosalia was to be our Friday night party town but there was nothing happening so we had a couple of beers in the main square while watching the poor performances of the local skateboard posse before heading off to sleep on the deserted beach with the lamps of hundreds of fisherman bobbing about just offshore. For Saturday night we headed off to Loreto, on the way sampling the best beaches so far on the trip, stopping for lunch and swimming at Playa Santispac and then later finding a sandbar to landy along.


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