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Nazca was about 7 hours bus ride South of Lima on the only long stretch of paved road we experienced on the whole trip.   We took a 'luxury' service from Ormeņo which had good leg room and a dodgy lunch which may have been the cause of my violent shits the next morning!

Barry votes for Fujimori!

The pic above shows slogans for Fujimori who was controversially re-elected again.  Political slogans where literally on every wall in all of Peru.  If there isn't a wall to put a slogan on then they'll build one! The main thing to do at Nazca is to fly over the Nazca lines.  The flight is a great experience in itself and the lines themselves are pretty impressive but smaller than I'd imagined.

A bird thing

Barry demonstrates what I'd been doing all morning

The streets of Nazca

The people of Nazca where, like Lima, very friendly and we had beers bought for us all night in the disco in return for giving about 300 high fives and letting people laugh at my height.  We also found a pool hall where the tables had pockets that seemed smaller than the balls.  There was a convenient piss trough in the corner which a blind man could've found from the smell.  The people in the background look a bit shifty but they were fine!

Pool experts!

The ubiquitous shoe shine boys where out in force in Nazca's main plaza.  Our boots were not the sort that need this kind of polish as we would have to explain to people every day of the trip but a bit of joking around soon takes their minds off getting a Sol.  After that Barry decided he needed a haircut - for a few Sols he had the cut of his life!

Having a laugh with the shoe shine boys

"Something for the weekend, sir?" More hair pics 1  2


After 2 days in Nazca we got the night bus to Arequipa.


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