Puno to Cuzco Train

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We bought 'Inca' class tickets for the train to Cuzco.  There were cheaper ones but we were told they'd been sold.  We had food and drinks served (at a price) but it wasn't too bad. The journey was fun though - the quality of the tracks varies from crap to rollercoaster level.  At one point the back carriages of the train (including us) split from the rest and the engine had to reverse down the track to get us back again!  We also stopped in the middle of nowhere so the driver could make a phone call.  When the train passes through villages and towns it drives through the streets, blasting its horn continuously. Awesome stuff.

Train splits in two...

...after some rollercoaster track

Trackside sales

A quick phone call



Pictures from...

...a moving train

After about 10 hours we arrived in Cuzco to be met by a representative from the hotel we had booked from Puno.  The train journey was excellent and a million times better than a bus!


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