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After Peru I realised the error of my materialistic ways.  There is more to see and do in life than ponce about in fast cars and live with a bunch of miserable gits - there are amazing places to see, exciting things to do and loads of tottie about.  Although I find poncing about in fast cars good fun, the Swiss don't.  As anybody who has ever been to Switzerland will know the phrases 'sense of humour' and 'common sense' are not really well known, especially among the Polizei.   So its time to sell the TVR and save up for the trip of a lifetime and a fond 'tschuusli' to Swiss authoritarianism and 'hola' to corrupt and beaurocratic officials in Latin America!

I've just bought an ex marines Landrover Defender 110.   Its fitted with a 'powerful' 68hp 2.5 litre diesel engine, is LHD and was probably used in Scandanavia as it is fitted with a heated windscreen, a Webasto diesel powered engine pre-heater which also heats big 'radiators' mounted in the rear of the inside and is fully lined.  Over the next few months this is going to be kitted out with all the stuff needed to carry us from Mexico down through Central America into, and all around South America.  After that, who knows, we're not putting any time limits on the trip, just going there, having a good time in each country until we get bored, catch something or get thrown out! 

A 'shakedown' trip is planned next Easter to test the Landy in its hopefully fully kitted out form before we set off for the real thing in July 2001.  Things will probably be updated on this site but we're not having any of this serious sponsorship or charity bollox so I won't be plugging various products every five sentences or have flashing banners all over the web pages.   Click on the graphic below to go to the Latin America Trip pages!

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