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Cabo San Lucas about to get wet

4 wheel drive golf buggy means... visit to the 19th

Thursday 06 - Monday 10 September

The next place was Cabo San Lucas. We had high hopes of a good party spot but it was just a touristy place filled with the usual american bars and restaurants at exhorbitant prices. The only interaction with the locals seemed to be based around offers of drugs and sex (not free). We searched the beaches for some surf but the only good bits were rocky and beyond our abilities. While searching for a campsite along a dirt track, we found ourselves landying onto a posh beach side golf course. The landy just fitted on the little road for electric golf buggies but the security guys didn't believe us when we said it could take two sets of clubs in the back and saw us off the premises.

Vote Mingo

Great name for a school

We landied along the coast the following day, searching for more surf. After T had a near death experience getting squashed by a big wave, we decided to call it a day and go to La Paz for Friday night activities. 200kms later, after a big detour on terribly corrugated tracks, we arrived in the capital city of Baja only to be stopped by a fat policeman on a motorbike. The alleged crime was not stopping at a stop sign, the fine for an offence this serious was to be $65. He asked if we were going to pay but we refused and offered $1. After a lighthearted discussion, during which it was pointed out that we are English and not american, the lads got away with it for free.

B tries to swindle a little girl out of her sweets

La Paz

A doris with tasty tacos

We spent three days in La Paz. By day we sat on the beach and by night we went to the discos before heading off into the desert near Pichilingue to camp. The ferry across to the mainland with Sematur was very expensive. The only other company, Baja Ferries, specialised in taking lorries across and could take one person and the landy for $150, meaning B had to take the Sematur ferry alone. We saved ourselves $100 this way and it was no problem as the boats departed and arrived at almost the same times.

B's Sematur ferry

The Landys Baja Ferry...

...shared with loads of lorrys

The 10 hour overnight ferry ride was smooth and sleeping on the deck wasn't as bad as first feared. T had the pleasure of spending the journey with Mexican lorry drivers while B tried to persuade a blond Mexican doris to share her deck space but ended up sharing drinks with a group of Columbians.

Next stop the mainland and Copper Canyon.

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