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Spanish inquistion from the army

Military escort to the correct road...

...which drew the attention of some local dorises

Tuesday 11 - Thursday 13 September

An enforced early start from the ferry terminal saw us driving into fertile, green, rolling countryside, a welcome change from the 6 weeks of endless desert. While stopped at El Fuerte filling the jerry cans with water, we aroused the curiosity of literally a hundred schoolgirl dorises who happened to be in the street enjoying their breaktime. Foolishly leaving town without any knowledge exchange, we headed off into the countryside towards Copper Canyon. Due to our map being a bit off, we took a wrong turn past an army base which aroused local interest of a more unwelcome nature. Apparently some pilots with a worse sense of direction than us had crashed in the US and that was excuse enough to stop us, escort us to their base and search the landy. After more than an hour of the usual light-hearted banter, we got underway on the right road with their help.

Lake Huites

The ferry to La Reforma

Campsite at the end of the rainbow

The track twisted over the green mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Part of the road had washed away three years ago so we had to take the ferry along the river for 20 minutes. As the sky darkened we parked on the side of the track near La Reforma and made camp as a thunderstorm drifted by leaving a rainbow behind.

Cows and puddles were a common occurance

Its faster by ATV...

...but the landy can take passengers over rivers

Ridgetop road with views to both sides

Landying along a dried up river

a view from the ridge

The track to Copper Canyon wound around lush mountainsides, through small rivers and past tiny villages. The people are friendly and always chat or wave. After a whole days off roading, we spent a rainy night near a village between Batopilas and Urique.

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