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Copper Canyon...


Friday 14 September

By the time we got to Copper Canyon, it was a bit of an anticlimax after the scenery we'd just experienced over the previous day and a half, but much more mad adventure was to come. Driving from Bahuichivo to Creel following alongside the trainline, we reached a normal road. Winding through more stunning scenery, we decided to take a short cut through Sinforosa Canyon and try to reach the big coastal city of Culiacan for Friday night.

Cerocahui main square

The landy in a ravine

Urique Canyon

Gates of frustration

Unfortunately, the track we were driving down, signposted for Sinforosa, ended at a collection of buildings, gates and walls. One of the gates was the way through. An old man demanded 20 pesos ($2) to let us pass, much discussion ensued and we refused to pay but the old git also refused to unlock the gate. We turned back and promptly got lost in the nearby town, wasting more time. Continuing down the main highway another, seemingly simple offroad shortcut presented itself, allowing us to cut 200kms from the main road route. Refusing the offers of a picnicing family to follow them through, we continued alone. Soon we were crossing rivers - a lot. We crossed one river over 20 times and found ourselves landying along a very unused track with no previous tyre marks whatsoever. Eventually, we came to a dead end in a tiny collection of huts, the local indian saying there was no way through. It was starting to get dark so we resigned ourselves to going back, wickedly using the GPS to retrace our steps.

One of almost 50 river crossings today

One of many gates

Asking the locals for directions

Challenging offroading...

...nobody has driven here for a very long time

click here to see  the action

Grounded in the middle of a river, at night

Disaster struck as we were crossing the river for one of the last times when T drove straight over two big rocks, grounding the chassis at the front and the diff at the back. Look here for the details. We continued on and camped nearby, exhausted and wet. We'll try for Culiacan tomorrow!

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