Landy Stuck - big trip - landy stuck - grounded in the river


Crossing rivers is fun...

...until you get stuck

Driving over one of the offending rocks

September 14 2001

We were offroading near Copper Canyon, unsuccessfully trying to find a shortcut to a party. Retracing our steps over innumerable river crossings which had so far failed to stop the landy, T decided to drive directly over a couple of big rocks. One rock was wedged under the front chassis and the gearbox crossmember, the other stuck firmly under the rear differential. Thanks to our steering and diff guards there was no serious damage aside from some dents but we were stuck, it was dark and the landy was in the middle of a river. We tried jacking and pushing the landy off the rocks to no avail, the combination of the two rocks worked against us. We resorted to our ever-faithful winch and, with a tree just within reach, winched back off the rocks. One rock could now be rolled aside but the other was in the way so we had to caarefully drive the rear wheel right over it before getting free.

Front diff guard gets its first dent

Steering guard gets it too

Chassis crossmember takes a battering

Rear diff guard gets bent


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