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Lima was our first destination.  We arrived at about 4am after a cramped and tiring flight from Munich via Atlanta.  Fortunately, we'd booked a hotel in advance and they sent a guy to pick us up.  This is when we got our first look at the city and the mad traffic conditions.  Red lights are merely suggestions to stop which is ignored unless something bigger is coming the other way!

The guidebooks warn against going to most parts of Lima but, as long as you use a bit of common sense you can experience the real parts of the city where you're maybe the only tourist to be there for a long time.    Things are a lot safer than they were 10 years ago.  Nightlife is pumping with good discos and very friendly people.   Certain substances seem to be in unlimited supply too....

Downtown Lima streets

Our taxi driver in a battered Beetle

contending with millions of other wrecks

The weather in Lima during July (their winter season) is dull.  The city is permanently covered in low cloud but it almost never rains and the temperature is pleasant enough to get away with just a light jumper.   Summer, though is supposed to be hot and sunny.

Taxis are literally everywhere.  Wherever you are, any time, there will be a cab driving past tooting his horn or flashing his lights or even having some screeching siren noise to try and attract your attention.  Standing on the pavement talking to friends causes the cabs to line up next to you shouting 'Taxi, seņor?'.  When you do actually want a cab and flag one down to discuss a price (the Daewoo Tico is the taxi of choice) then another stops behind just in case you don't agree on the fare.

Demos outside the Presidential Palace

The elections in Peru had been controversial to say the least and demos were a common sight

After 2 nights in Lima we got the bus to Nazca.

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