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Once we'd recovered from our bus experience we went for a look round Puno. We went into the back streets to find a little shop selling drinks. Then we proceeded to walk towards the lake over a seemingly nice, flat, grassy field which turned out to have a large liquid shit content.  I fell in it.

Field of poo

Shores of Lake Titicaca


Cleaning shoes

A trip to the famous floating reed islands of Uros, a few minutes away on the lake was decided on.  We organised a boat which also had a couple of Uros residents on it.

On the way to Uros

Some islanders rowing by

View of a floating island

The islands are man made from reeds and wobble when you jump up and down.  They are very touristy though.  We went to a bigger island that was made of the usual stuff that islands are made of and met some local kids.

uros9B.jpg (4843 bytes)

We spent the evening in the local bars and discos, the people, again, were really friendly.  Dancing at 3800m takes some getting used to though!   Next day we caught the train to Cuzco.  We'd had enough of buses and the train was supposed to have amazing views.


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